A Community can only survive and prosper when each member flourishes, living in the full potential of their purpose.  Malidoma Somé

Our cause is to get people economically active …

Wealth redistribution alone is not the solution to poverty.  It is wealth creation that solves poverty. We believe that every South African should be economically active, equiped with the skills and information needed to create a financially independent life.

We offer enterprise, self-employement and sustainability training through a team of passionate practitioners.  Our services includes training facilitation, consultation and learning material provision to NPOs, LED practitioners and sustainability training facilitators. Cause has been offering consulting services in the sector since 2008 and we have developed a transformating vearning programme for emerging and social entrepreneurs.

Our training programme consists of 8 workshops and is well tested and implimented in a number of organisations. The workshops are presented in four phases, that signifies the development level of the participating entrepreneur. The four phases are translated into actions through practical work and training facilitation.

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Training services summary

Cause training is a transformational journey for emerging and social entrepreneurs…

Herewith a short overview on Cause training.

Connect:  Learn, experience, grow
The connect phase is all about getting to know participants and understanding their abilities and aptitude for enterprise development.  In this phase we explore the business visions that they hold, and asist them to translate it into a plan. The fesiblitiy of their proposed business is tested and after this phase particiapnts should have a clear business plan.
Transform: Evolve, change, risk
Transformation means change. Adjustment to behaviour is essential when roling out a business plan and entrepreneurs have to be willing to grow as individuals.  This phase supports them to put their plans to practice and to adapt to new responsiblities. The concept and consequences of business ownership is highlighted and profit as a concept is imbedded.
Activate: Go, commit, lead
The activation phase is focussed on formalising and stabalising businesses. Administration, registrations and financial management are central to the workshops presented in this phase. We also introduce more systematic working and orientate them on busienss development.
Belong: Grow, share, support
Sustainability and long term planning is central in the belong phase.   Leadership, community and growth is considered. Workshops include business development aspects through long term efforts.



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