Our Cause

Cause is an Economic Development Agency that empowers people on the frontlines of fighting poverty, by offering them the skills and support needed to help themselves.

Our services include Enterprise Development (ED) consulting, capacity building, training and mentoring.

 We focus on human development as a catalyst for social and economic growth and our services are ideal for entrepreneurs and employees that seek to achieve financial self-sustainability, and NGO’s that facilitate ED programmes.

The Cause vision is to participate in building a nation that is entrepreneurial, passionate about learning and living with a culture of trading.

Our mission is to constantly seek and communicate new ways to alleviate poverty, stimulate trade, nurture entrepreneurialism and support NGO’s in South Africa.

Cause is a sustainable social enterprise that provides services to the development sector. We operate on the same entrepreneurial principles that we promote to our clients.




Connect: NGO*Pro 
Enterprise development and sustainability consulting and capacity building for NGO’s.
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Transform: Work*Life Training
Learning curriculum and training services on financial activation for employees, entrepreneurs and unemployed participants.
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Activate: Business*Bootcamp
Mentoring and adventure residential retreats for achieving entrepreneurs, sales teams and social enterprise leaders.
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Belong: Cause*Community 
Ongoing support and resources for our members.
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