“A community can only survive and prosper with each member flourishes, living in the full potential of the purpose.”Malidoma Somé”


The last phase of our workshop range is belong. The workshops offered in this phase focusses on long-term planning and ongoing business growth. We believe that long-term support and afiliation is a determining factor in business success in the ermerging sector.

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Both are one-day workshops with practical participation, reflection and recording time. All training material and resources are supplied.

“Many entrepreneurs do not succeed because they are so isolated.  Ongoing, consistent effort is required to build a business, but without support it is’nt always possible to maintain the input. Emerging entrepreneurs should be supported on various levels during their incubation phase.”  Nicolette Booyens



Principles such as confidence, discipline and assertive communication are covered in his workshop.  Strategic vision and planning is overviewed.  Practical leadership skills and resources are shared.



Focussed on digital media development this workshop orientates participants on how to approach social media, website development, and bulk online communication.  Elements such as creativity, copywriting and promotion is covered.  This workshop is ideal for people that are computer literate.

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