“True empowerment is helping people to find their own power.”  Skyhawk


The first phase of the Cause training programme is the action of connection.  Here we recruit, select and oreintate participants towards starting or growing a business.

The outcome of this phasse includes a feasibility study. written business plan, vision board and a personal asssesment on each participant.

Two workshops are presented a month apart, with individual assessment and coaching time inbetween. The aim of the workshops are to lay foundations on the oreintating topics and allow for practical work in compiling a mini business plan and a vision-board during facilitated practical excercises.


Both are one-day workshops with practical participation, reflection and recording time. All training material and resources are supplied.

I have been offering enterprise development services to NPOs for 10 years, and one of the biggest reasons for start-up failure that I have seen, is the lack of planning. A very clear and feasible business plan with financial projections should be produced at the outset and the entrepreneur should only focus on this. The lack of focus is a big reason why emerging businesses do not succeed.”  Nicolette Booyens

Business Vision Workshop

We help entrepreneurs to gain a broader understanding of economics and the potential to create income through independent commercial activity.

The concept of entrepreneurialism is refreshed and participants are supported in creating a business plan and personal vision board.  A feasibility study is conducted on the business plan and financial projections are made.




Participants are instructed and assisted through the process of doing a feasibility study on their business or planned enterprise.  This helps to create a financial reality and enable resource planning and risk mitigation. The concept of sustainability is established and developed.

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