“The only way to deal with an unfree world, is to become absolutely free, that your very existence is an act of rebellion”. Alber Camus


The second phase of the Cause training programme is embracing transformation. Here we recruit, select and oreintate participants towards starting or growing a business.

The outcome of this phasse includes a feasibility study. written business plan, vision board and a personal asssesment on each participant.

Two workshops are presented a month apart, with individual assessment and coaching time inbetween. The aim of the workshops are to lay foundations on the oreintating topics and allow for practical work in compiling a mini business plan and a vision-board during facilitated practical excercises.

Objective: Supoport entrepreneurial behaviour and the ability to trade, in participants.

Outcome: Trading entrepreneurs


Both are one-day workshops with practical participation, reflection and recording time. All training material and resources are supplied.

“Business is about trading, and if someone cannot sell they really should not start a business. Marketing and especially selling is how income is generated and is essential to any kind of entrepreneurial success” ¬†Nicolette Booyens



Marketing is made practical through the Cause Marketing Toolkit that includes a variety of resources to enable effective marketing management in SMEs.  Participants are supported in writing a basic marketing plan that outlines their product, price, target market, online and promotional activities.


This workshop defines selling as the most important component of a growing business. Sales techniques are overviewed and the participants are given the resources and skills to establish a sales process. Role-play is done to equip the entrepreneurs to be able to present their product or service professionally.


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